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Depicts the downfall of the world economy, is explained through the taken inspiration as - "COVID BROTHERS - VOID (EXPLAINED MORE DEEPLY THROUGH THE MEDIUM OF HINDI POEM - SHOONIYA TO MOKSH)". COVID BROTHERS - is a lyrical-poetic art work, created on the "Effects of Covid19''. The artist majorly played with the shades of brown, black and white in the painting, to reflect the sufferings of plague (Pandemic) and downfall of the world economy, through his digital art. On rearranging alphabets of the term 'COVID' and eliminating the alphabet 'C' artist come out with the term 'VOID', which throws light on - the day to day sufferings, faced by the human beings. Not only the social life of the world has been affected but due to plague (Pandemic), it has also affected the interpersonal and mental health of the individual. The terror of the aged time can be seen, clearly, in the anguish eyes of both the human figures, which has turned to savage in the painting. The closed mouth in the first figure and the open mouth in the second figure reveal the untold reality (story) of fear of the human social affairs. The untold and unspoken pain wants to burst out from their fearful faces but the voice gets pent-up in the mouth of both the figures and creates a void in the individual. The beard turns to beset- tangled jungle of one’s unsolved issues at mental, physical and economical level, which presents the entire theme in the painting very magnificent. (VOID-MOSKH) Tumhari Seediyon se Uttar ke, Chale yunh kuch kadam...... Ek halki si ahat per, Rukke kuch yunh kadam........ Ek taan kahi kisi, Sitaar ki, Suhnai si deti hai.......... Peechli panno ki yaadein, Dikhai si deti hai......... Palatte panno ko jab, Roka toh, Bechaini ka paseena, Peshaani per behta hai......... Uljhanno ki latto mai, Ungaliyaan tatol ta sa rehta hai.......... Sarsarahat si dil mai, Kafan sa odhta hai............ Dil ko tatol te tatol te toh, Moksh bhi Khota hai........... Arstist/Poet: Haider Ali.

  • Artist Name Haider Ali
  • Year2020
  • Art FormPaintings
  • Size18.00 (Inches) W x 24.00 (Inches) H
  • StyleSurrealism
  • GenreFigurative
  • MediaMixed Media
  • MaterialCanvas
  • Price ₹ 35,000.00
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