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We often meet several people in our life- some of them remain in our mind and we forget some. Or do we? This artwork, in particular, depicts two vaguely visible faces, that which are residues of the conscious mind, which now resides in the unconscious. Often we think we forget faces or places, but we never know what our unconscious mind stores, we shall never figure that out. Yet it is in our dreams and nightmares that we see an amalgamation of faces and situations- some we may find fimiliar, some we never recognise.

  • Artist Name Ayush Banerjee
  • Year2022
  • Art FormPaintings
  • Size10.00 (Inches) W x 16.00 (Inches) H
  • StyleExpressionism
  • GenreThe Unconscious
  • MediaMixed Media
  • MaterialPaper
  • Price ₹ 280,000.00
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