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INDIVIDUALS CHASTITY IN DANGER is a thematic based conceptual painting by artist Haider Ali - It spot light on "Patriarchy Under Hidden Sexuality". Which reflects - inner and outer fight of one’s soul within her/ him, to break the monotony of human bars and wants to fly in its desire blue? In approach, it is more feminine and similar to a caged bird - which makes us more sensitive, fill with cosy emotions and left us in a romantic hallucination with monotonous melancholic feelings. It also talks about the other side of the coin - hidden life of both the gender- that both male and female are living in the ‘dilemma of Androgyny’ (A pliers holding 'Lipstick' in the painting by Male hand, shows confinement of patriarchal Bars which are unbreakable, also reveals the interest of men towards the feminine life, as caged men on right hand side in the painting - gaze very temptingly at lipstick, bird and the women sitting at the bottom). On the other hand it also reflects the pre and ongoing affects of the covid era. In Pre-Covid every individual was fighting for the favor of feminism- to protect the chastity of women empowerment but now in ongoing situation of Covid, every individual gender is trying to protect his/her chastity.

  • Artist Name Haider Ali
  • Year2020
  • Art FormPaintings
  • Size24.00 (Inches) W x 24.00 (Inches) H
  • StyleAbstract
  • GenreConceptual
  • MediaOther
  • MaterialCanvas
  • Price ₹ 20,000.00
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