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Kapil Vadhera

Uttar Pradesh, Noida, India

Hi. My name is Kapil Vadhera & I am a service professional. I was born in Punjab, but brought up in Delhi/ NCR.

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Hi. My name is Kapil Vadhera & I am a service professional. I was born in Punjab, but brought up in Delhi/ NCR.


Although I am a Service professional, yet I am equally passionate about Art. I consider myself as an emerging & a learning artist. I am relatively new to the Art world, having almost no background to Art in School or College. Yet, I believe this journey has grown Leaps & Bound in the last couple of years. My forte is Abstract & mixed media art style. However, I love to create what I like. I try to create thought provoking & meaningful paintings which also try to spread and create a message through it. I have named my Art Brand as "Samarpan" which means Dedication. Instagram handle: SamarpanArtz


I have done Graduation from Delhi University & Post Graduation from Symbiosis Pune.

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