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Terms & Conditions

Luna Arts promote 100% Original, Hand-painted quality paintings created by talented India Artists. With a simple registration process, an artist can upload and sell paintings at our E commerce marketplace. Selling art at our website is absolutely free. No registration fees.

Luna Arts only charges a nominal commission of 22 % above the price you quote on the art being sold through us.

Once your artist account has been created, you may upload as many paintings of yours and keep the price of the painting whatever you feel suitable. Our curators and art experts will approve the paintings based on our company policy.

Upon receiving a delivery confirmation from the buyer, you will receive your payment within 10 days in your registered bank account.

To sell paintings from Luna Arts website, you must be at least eighteen years old and you must agree to our Terms & Conditions.

You must be a Registered User in order to sell the Art.

Luna Arts will take a commission of only 22% of the price of the painting. Once payment has been received by Luna Arts from the buyer, the artist will be informed to pack the painting for the buyer. It's the responsibility of the artist to pack the painting very carefully. Our logistic person will come to collect the painting from the artist.

Once the buyer receives the painting in a good condition and has approved the artwork, then Luna Arts will release the money to the seller, minus the 22% commission of Luna Arts.

 If there is any damage to the paintings in transit then Buyer should inform Luna Arts immediately.

The buyer must write to Luna Arts with the photographs of the damage and an email specifying the damage.

The buyer will have five business days to inspect the artwork. If they have any concerns regarding the painting’s authenticity or any other issue, they should send an email to . After the five day inspection period, if no notice is received from the buyer, Luna Arts will release the appropriate payment to the Artist. After this time period, the buyer and the seller agree that Luna Arts will not be held responsible for any concerns, disputes or problems arising from this transaction.


Download this certificate, get the hard copy of it and enclosed this certificate with the purchased artwork. Then courier this packed painting to the respective customer through a reliable logistics service.


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