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Luna Arts offers a simple secure online platform where serious Indian artists can upload their artworks and begin selling.

Luna Arts offers a great platform for Indian artists to promote their artworks at global level, increase their sales, promote their profiles and target the larger audience worldwide. We connect artists with buyers across the world.

For us Art is more than just a business. Its our passion, most beautiful metaphysical aspect of life ! Owners of Luna Arts are artists themselves so they know the value of ART ! We understand the intricate dynamics of the world of ART !

We offer an unparalleled selection of original paintings , and it provides artists from India with an expertly curated environment in which to exhibit and sell their work.

Online art sales are growing at a very rapid pace, while non online art sales have declined as compared to the online sales. According to the reports of an experts this industry is expected to grow substantially, increasing at an annualized of 11.3% to $2.2 billion over the five years to 2018; this includes a 4.8% increase in 2018 alone and is in line with world online art sale trends. In 2017, the global value of online art sales was estimated at $5.4 billion, according to estimates from The European Fine Art Foundation (TEFAF), representing a 74.0% increase from 2013. This striking growth rate is indicative of the decision by major auction houses to build online portals and offer online-only sales starting in 2013.

We truly believes that internet is an invaluable tool for Art business. We provide artists with the easy digital tools to independently manage the sale of thier paintings. We have a dedicated team always available for our artists to assist them. Luna Arts also provide a brilliant space for all the art lovers, art collectors, art galleries to explore the great range of original artworks we provide on our website at an affordable range.

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